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Since starting this journey, Matz Media has grown tremendously thanks to the dedication and passion of it’s team. Built on the core principals of great customer service and results-driven strategies, my agency continues to go from strength to strength.

Matz Media empowers small businesses to think bigger through reliable digital marketing services. We approach every business problem with creativity, marketing expertise, and, above all else, honesty. We use our expertise in content marketing, social media, websites, and SEO to help small businesses make smarter business decisions. We love pairing with small businesses in all forms. We help small businesses increase their revenue, sales inquiries, and customer base through high-quality digital marketing services.

Our ethos demands that we are questioning and consultative, ensuring that the work we create answers to our clients’ briefs and adds value. We produce great results through the most appropriate marketing medium, in the most cost-effective manner. And we believe that the best marketing comes from understanding and openness between client and agency.

About Matz Media

After working in client-side positions, Matthew Cole found Matz Media after spending 18 years working in the marketing sector of small& medium sized businesses, during his time working with small business marketing Matt became aware that the marketing needs of small businesses are often overlooked by larger agencies seeking retainers, monthly fees and long term tie in. So, he took things into his own hands and created the perfect agency for companies who are serious about growing their brand online.

Passionate about delivering a full marketing mix to small businesses Matt decided to establish a marketing agency of his own offering flexible marketing support for local businesses.

To pay the bills? Sure, that’s part of the reason. But there’s more to it than that. The truth is that we’d do it for free if we could. Actually, in the past, we have done it for free. Nothing pleases us more than making a difference. We love keeping up-to-date with how commerce is constantly redefining itself via enabling technologies such as the internet and cellular communications. We love to see where new projects take us and enjoy trying new things while using the techniques of our pasts.

To put it simply: We live and breathe this stuff.