Business Overview


Executive Summary

Today’s business climate is radically different from just a few years ago. Today’s buyer is more sophisticated in their purchasing approach. They’re looking for guidance, advice, and recommendations – not sales pitches. Yesterday, the Sales Department was deemed responsible for generating revenue. Today, that responsibility lies with the entire company.

Businesses can no longer use the same, old-school methodology to sell into today’s new-technology marketplace. Every company has a story to tell. A reason as to why they’re in business. That’s where we come in. Our products and marketing services are designed to help a startup or small business better align its business values communicate with today’s buyer expectations.

As an Arizona-based digital agency, we believe that every client comes with a unique idea but a similar end-goal to generate leads, boost sales, amplify traffic, or increase brand recall through their online digital presence.

Matz Media was founded on the premise that companies of all sizes – and budgets – should be able to access the latest and greatest ideas and technologies for marketing, communications, and sales. Those digital marketing initiatives that they would love to do, but cannot because they don’t have the expertise, the resources, or the budget? That’s where we come in.

What makes Matz Media unique is the dedication our resources invest in enriching the digital experiences for clients and customers worldwide. We are a self-driven team that strives for excellence through amplifying the brand’s online visibility, so it can reach out to more customers through successful engagements. We are forced driven with a single purpose in mind:
drive more sales for small businesses.

We are a team of marketing, creative, and business development specialists that help start-ups and small businesses produce better, more relevant marketing strategies and tactics. We combine Search Engine Optimization, Digital Advertising, Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, with a range of inbound and outbound marketing initiatives. The result is designed to increase awareness, reputation, trust – and sales.

A passion for small business marketing is engrained into every Matz Media project. Every day we help small businesses dominate their niche while helping large businesses act as a small business, making every penny count. We understand the challenges of growing a small business and are proud to make digital marketing one less problem for small business owners by becoming their in-house marketing team with the power and resources of an agency.

Partnering with business owners and in-house teams, we craft marketing strategies that get the biggest return on investment in the shortest possible timescale. Matz Media strategies have been tested with large budgets across an array of industries to ensure our Small Business Marketing partnerships are as profitable as possible.

Maximizing budgets is essential to the long-term success of small business marketing campaigns. As digital marketing experts, we use years of small business marketing experience to deliver the best return on investment in the shortest achievable timeframe. Our honest and direct relationship with our small business partners is the reason for our long-term engagements and repeat projects.

To reach our target market and gain significant ground in the market, both conventional and digital marketing strategies will be adopted to create a positively strong awareness about our marketplace. We will ensure to utilize various social media platforms to attract prospective users by flooding pages we will create with catchy images, videos, and memes.

At the center of our mission and values is our commitment to the world around us. We believe that we should give something back to our local community, not only through paying our fair share of taxes and being environmentally minded but through sponsorship and charitable giving.

Sales forecasts indicate that Matz Media has the potential to achieve high revenue in the first year of operation and grow as fast as possible. We likewise propose to achieve sterling sales for years two and three respectively. Net profit will correspondingly be impressive.


We are a small business marketing agency helping to deliver creative ways to market businesses. A dynamic team of creatives comprised of marketing, branding, design, web development, communications specialists, and business development professionals. Thinking creatively is what we do best. Our ideas factory has produced some of the web’s leading brand names. Bringing together the leading experts in their fields for regular round-table events, ensures we stay ahead of the curve and beat the competition.

Utilizing lead generation techniques, we can increase the volume and quality of inquiries coming into the client’s business. Our digital marketing agency specializes in demand generation strategies that deliver quality, quantifiable results giving a return on investment for every pound spent on marketing. The starting place for any digital marketing campaign is to have a beautifully crafted website. We build responsive websites using a variety of content marketing systems. We develop eCommerce and business websites.


We love B2B digital marketing and we use best practice marketing strategies to generate new business inquiries, strengthening digital assets, and growing audience. Our team is passionate about the web and is dedicated to achieving ROI for our clients.

Our best practice strategies are underpinned by the latest, state of the art technology. Our marketing automation tools work seamlessly across email, social media, search and web to report on leads generated and business marketing return on investment.

We provide creative and affordable marketing services to startups and small businesses looking for a partner for their digital media, design, lead generation, and communications requirements. The important word in that last sentence is “partner.” We work with, not for.
We are headquartered in Scottsdale, with plans to open offices in Phoenix, Glendale, and Mesa to best serve a client base that stretches throughout Arizona.

  • Our business goal is to become one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Achieve and maintain an average 4.8 review for all our services by clients.
  • Establish a minimum of 96% customer satisfaction rate to establish long-term relationships with our customers and create word-of-mouth marketing.
  • To help our clients achieve a consistently increasing marginal profit

Our mission is to help small and medium sized companies raise the quality, efficiency, and productivity of their marketing and communications. Our team is here to help these businesses market, grow, and develop– but without the cost overhead that top talent usually demands.

Our vision is to help grow small businesses and allow them to compete with their BIG budget competition without breaking the bank.

At the heart of every successful marketing strategy is the need for return on investment. Matz Media specializes in lead generation strategies. We focus on quality over quantity and use the best digital marketing techniques to engage with clients’ audiences.

We deliver successful campaigns to fit our values: “Quality, Trusted, Strategic, and Integrity”. We give fact-based, consultative, strategic advice and execute campaigns with creativity, imagination, expertise, and integrity, as an extension of the client’s team